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AirLink Intelligent Gateways

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Sierra Wireless AirLink ES440 Cellular Gateways Picture

The AirLink ES440 is a 4G LTE cellular gateway designed for companies needing a primary or backup/failover connectivity solution

Supported on AT&T and Verizon networks

Sierra Wireless AirLink ES450 Cellular Gateways Picture

The AirLink ES450 is a 4G LTE cellular gateway designed for companies needing a primary or backup/failover connectivity solution

Carrier approved by ALL major North American carriers including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon - Supports 11 LTE bands

Sierra Wireless AirLink LS300 Cellular Gateways Picture

The AirLink LS300 gateway is the smallest, most compact industrial 3G gateway from Sierra Wireless. Designed to be the next generation, all-in-one successor to the market leading Raven series, the LS300 comes standard with Ethernet, USB and serial interfaces

Sierra Wireless AirLink GX400 Intelligent Gateways Picture

The Sierra Wireless AirLink GX400 Cellular Gateway that provides the capabilities of GPS location tracking and asset tracking. With three user interfaces serial/Ethernet/USB, connectivity is ensured. The AirLink® GX400 is designed to keep you connected to your fleet members. Using embedded intelligence, the GX400 is ideal in such industries as public transit, oil and gas and energy and utilities

Sierra Wireless AirLink GX440 Intelligent Gateways Picture

Designed to get you connected and to keep you connected, the Sierra Wireless AirLink® GX440 Cellular Gateway has three user interfaces, serial/Ethernet/USB, to enhance connectivity. The embedded intelligence makes location and asset tracking run smoothly with a highly sensitive GPS chip. Industrial machinery is easily configured with the GX440 due to its preconfigured machine protocols

Sierra Wireless AirLink GX450 Intelligent Gateways Picture

The AirLink GX450 is the latest mobile gateway from Sierra Wireless (January 2015) and supports 4G LTE networks as well as GPS. It features a rugged (MIL-STD-810) design and IP 65 rating making it ideal for in-vehicle use

Sierra Wireless AirLink MP70 Vehicle Routers Picture

The AirLink MP70 is a High Performance Vehicle cellular router with Gigabit Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet capability.

Carrier approved by AT&T, T-Mobile USA and Verizon with LTE support.

AirLink Raven RV50 Industrial LTE Gateways Picture

The AirLink Raven RV50 is a low-power industrial cellular gateway designed to connect critical assets and infrastructure.

Supports LTE and approved by Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile USA, US Cellular, Rogers, Bell, and Telus.

AirLink Raven XE Cellular Gateways Picture

The Sierra Wireless AirLink Raven XE is a compact, robust Ethernet Gateway, that delivers the highest wide area wireless speeds available. The Raven XE is equipped with a robust ARM9 processor and embedded with ALEOS™ technology to optimize perfor mance on today's high speed 3G data networks

AirLink Raven XT Cellular Gateways Picture

The Raven XT is a Robust communications platform for telemetry and SCADA to simplify management of remote assets. Serial interface, Class I Div 2 certification and embedded machine protocols make the Raven XT ideal for industrial applications, such as energy management, intelligent infrastructure and industrial automation