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Honeywell Discontinued Mobile Computers

Here are some discontinued mobile computers from Honeywell/HHP/Metrologic. If you need help finding a replacement, please call us at (714)922-1140, for further assistance.

All Products are NEW, factory sealed and come with the FULL manufacturer's warranty (unless otherwise specified).

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Honeywell Dolphin 6000 Scanphones Picture

  • Very lightweight design
  • Durable to withstand drops
  • Remote MasterMind Ready
  • Real-Time wireless communication

From $509.57
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Honeywell/LXE HX2 Wearable Computers Picture

  • Wrist or waist wearable computer - perfect for warehouse picking & small parcel move apps.
  • Impact resistant screen for maximum durability.
  • Crisp color display for easy, "any angle" viewing.
  • Corresponding ring scanners as tough as the main computer.
  • Breakaway ring scanner improves operator safety by preventing snags.
  • Voice-enabled with ToughTalk™ technology.

Honeywell Dolphin 6100 Mobile Computers Picture

  • Ultra-lightweight device
  • Integrated 802.11b/g technology
  • Combines a new, class-leading microprocessor
  • Comprehensive suite of intuitive software utilities

From $828.59
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Honeywell Dolphin 7600 Mobile Computers Picture

  • Compact, Ergonomic Design
  • Enigineered for Durability
  • Wireless Full Area Networking (WFAN)
  • Versatile, High Performance Data Collection
  • Full Shift Power Management

Honeywell/LXE MX7CS Mobile Computers Picture

  • Rated to -30C.
  • No fog, no frost, no condensation.
  • The smallest, lightest handheld made specifically for cold storage.
  • Specialized low-temp batteries provide long life in cold environments.
  • Heaters automatically shut off when unit is not inside a freezer to conserve battery life.
  • Bluetooth 2.0+EDR radio.
  • Voice-enabled with ToughTalk™ technology.

From $1845.55
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Honeywell Dolphin 6500 Mobile Computer Picture

  • Large, high-resolution color display delivers high levels of readability, regardless of lighting
  • Integrated 802.11b/g technology delivers real-time network access to critical information and supports advanced wireless security standards
  • Combines a new, class-leading microprocessor (Marvell XScale PXA300) with a powerful, familiar and easy-to-use platform (Microsoft® Windows CE 5.0)

From $839.73
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Honeywell Dolphin 7850 Mobile Computers Picture

  • Optimized Ergonomics
  • Industrial-Grade Durability
  • Shift-PLUS Power Management
  • Versatile, High Performance Data Collection
  • Powerful Software Tools

From $670.03
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Honeywell/LXE MX8 Mobile Computers Picture

  • New! Windows Mobile 6.1 or CE 5.0
  • Compact, lightweight, ergonomic design means full-shift comfort for your operators.
  • Scanning options include standard-range laser scanner, 1D and 2D imagers.
  • Backlit keys and bright display deliver strong visibility in all lighting conditions.
  • Bluetooth 2.0+EDR radio.
  • Ruggedized with ToughTalk™ technology to support multiple voice logistics applications.

Honeywell Intermec CK3 Handheld Computers Picture

The CK3, with Windows Mobile 6.1 and all imager-based scanning, packs a breadth of capabilities into a slim case, allowing users to easily and comfortably adapt to ever-changing data capture and communications needs, now and in the future

From $1086.96
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Honeywell/Metrologic ScanPAL2 Mobile Computers Picture

  • Easy to use Windows-based application generator
  • Optional "C" and "BASIC" compliers
  • 128 x 64 pixel back-lit LCD display
  • Various accessory options
  • 1 MB SRAM, stores over 50k records

From $621.23
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Honeywell Dolphin 9700 Mobile Computers Picture

  • Integrated global high-speed wireless technology
  • Adaptus® Imaging Technology 5.0 reads linear and 2D bar codes
  • Shift-PLUS™ power management technology enhances productivity
  • Automated assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology improves satellite connection speed and tracking continuity

From $1217.49
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Honeywell/Metrologic SP5500 OptimusS Mobile Computers Picture

  • LCD display with backlight and adjustable font
  • Small form factor
  • Several Programming Options
  • Class 1 Bluetooth Technology
  • Optimizer, BASIC, C

Honeywell Dolphin 9550 Mobile Computers Picture

  • User-Tailored Ergonomics
  • Wireless Dual Area Networking (WDAN)

From $2220.00
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Honeywell/Metrologic SP5600 OptimusR Mobile Computers Picture

  • Plastic housing with integrated rubber
  • IP65-rated
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Optimizer software suite
  • Ergonomic design with large, backlit keys

Honeywell Intermec CK31 Mobile Computers Picture

The CK31 blends the right features with the performance of the Microsoft Windows CE.NET operating system to provide the optimum combination of real time operation, tools support and standard connectivity. Multiple keyboard options provide flexibility for applications that range from shipping and receiving, put-away and picking to cycle counting

From $2220.00
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Honeywell Captuvo SL22 Sleds for iPod touch 4 Picture

Sleds for Apple iPod devices enable barcode scanning, magnetic stripe reading and enhanced durability

From $396.22
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Honeywell Dolphin 9900 Mobile Computers Picture

  • Optimal Combination of Industrial-Grade Durability and Usability
  • Wireless Full Area Networking (WFAN)
  • Built-In GPS Technology
  • Versatile, High Performance Data Collections
  • Shift-PLUS Power Management

From $1716.69
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Honeywell/Metrologic SP5700 OptimusPDA Mobile Computers Picture

  • Microsoft Windows CE.net platform with a Marvell PXA270 Processor
  • Duarable IP54-rated Design
  • Multiple communication Options
  • Flexible Kit Structure
  • Remote device and network management solutions through Wavelink Avalanche

Honeywell/LXE VX7 Vehicle Mount Computers Picture

  • Full-screen version of VX6 vehicle mounted computer - perfect for more robust applications.
  • Windows® CE.NET OS - so you can easily adopt future emerging technologies & applications.
  • With LXE's RFTerm® multi-session terminal emulator, you can easily run your legacy terminal emulation applications.
  • Voice enabled with ToughTalk™ technology.

Honeywell Intermec CN3 Mobile Computers Picture

The smallest, most advanced, rugged computer in the world, the CN3 with integrated GPS and Bluetooth increases efficiency and safety by enabling hands-free turn-by-turn voice navigation. With 3G WAN and Cisco Compatible WiFi and Bluetooth radios, users are connected with voice and high-speed data (GSM/EDGE or CDMA/EV-DO) anywhere they go

From $1584.25
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Honeywell Intermec CN3e Mobile Computers Picture

An extension to the popular and proven CN3 mobile computer series, the mid-sized CN3e features large keys, integrated GPS and robust communications options, making it the ideal handheld for key-based, data-intensive DSD and ITV applications

Honeywell Intermec CN4e Mobile Computers Picture

The fully rugged Intermec CN4e mobile computer with enlarged keyboard and integrated 3.5G enables enterprises to leverage the benefits of high bandwidth data collection and communications to achieve gains in worker productivity, improvements in service offering and overhead reductions

Honeywell Intermec CN50 Mobile Computers Picture

The Intermec CN50 is the only 3.75G wireless mobile computer that combines a small and light-weight form factor with a rugged design to deliver the most advanced, high performance voice and data communication solution specifically designed for the highly mobile field worker

From $1447.71
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Honeywell Dolphin 7800 Android Mobile Computers Picture

  • Proven Dolphin 7800 handheld
  • Google Android Operating System
  • 5 foot drop rating
  • Large 3.5 inch VGA display
  • Quick wireless connectivity

From $1074.09
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Honeywell CV30 Vehicle Mount Units Picture

With its compact, full-screen footprint, choice of Microsoft CE.NET 5.0 or Windows Mobile 5.0 operating systems, support for RFID, speech recognition and voice, Cisco Compatible WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and extremely rugged design, the Intermec CV30 is ready for just about anything

From $2246.40
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Honeywell CV60 Vehicle Mount Units Picture

The fixed or vehicle mounted Intermec CV60 computer excels in the most adverse environments with full PC functionality, putting wireless supply chain management right where the data is