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Honeywell Intermec CN50 Mobile Computers

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The Intermec CN50 mobile computer is the only 3.75G wireless mobile computer that combines a small and light-weight form factor with a rugged design. With the Intermec CN50, your highly mobile field workers have access to the most advanced high performance voice and data communication solution available on the market.

By equipping your mobile team with the class-leading capabilities of the Intermec CN50 handheld computer, your company can improve business processes, expand service offerings and reduce field mobility solution cost and complexity.

The Intermec CN50 is the first device in the industry to offer a 3.75G wireless WAN Flexible Network Radio. As a result, Intermec CN50 mobile computers allow your business to finally standardize on a single hardware platform that can be configured for either CDMA or UMTS wireless networks. With the Intermec CN50, you get the flexibility to choose the network that provides the best geographic coverage and the lowest cost.

With only a single hardware solution to deploy, the Intermec CN50 helps you simplify application development, lessen verification complexity, reduce deployment costs, and dramatically lower overall cost-of-ownership. You can also reprovision the Flexible Network Radio to a different carrier network to meet your changing business needs and facilitate the evolution of your coverage options.

Intermec CN50 handheld computers have the latest 3.75G wireless WAN radio to deliver the fastest data and voice communications available on both CDMA and UMTS wireless networks. With high speed uplink packet access (HSUPA) technology, the CN50 provides fast and reliable data connectivity for uploading large documents, real-time images or synchronization with your enterprise data base. Compared with previous 2.5G radio technology, the Intermec CN50 improves productivity immediately. As network capabilities improve, your company will also continue to reap the benefits well into the future.

With an exclusive Intermec CN50 feature called Intermec Enhanced Mobile Document Imaging (eMDI) your mobile workers get the benefit of a fast and reliable way to convert paper documents into electronic files. With eMDI, your back office operations will become more efficient. The reduced time-to-payment for services rendered through delivery confirmations that can now be imaged in the field and sent wirelessly to the home office will improve your cash flow. Your customer service and other staff gain real-time access to document images via the enterprise systems, which they can use to answer customer queries, issue invoices and update records.

Intermec CN50 handheld computers feature a unique multiprocessor architecture with dedicated ARM and DSP processors. This allows the Intermec CN50 to to deliver robust application processing with nearly instantaneous response at the lowest levels of power consumption. The standard battery is suitable for uninterrupted full shift use in most applications. An extended-life battery that provides ample power to drive consistent, full-featured functionality without compromise to the compact and lightweight design is also available for extreme-duty applications.

The Intermec CN50's integrated digital compass provides a real-time indication of directional heading to enhance the functionality of the GPS radio. You'll experience improved customer service, as your mobile workers will benefit from more accurate turn-by-turn directions that result in a significant increase in on-time delivery.

A built-in accelerometer allows the Intermec CN50 to rotate the display based on the orientation of the device. You'll enjoy the advantages of improved worker efficiency and enhanced user experience during signature capture or similar operations. A bright 3.5 QVGA display provides exceptional viewing in full sunlight.

For easy and convenient wireless connectivity to headsets, Intermec mobile printers and other Bluetooth compatible devices, Intermec CN50 handheld computers also feature a Bluetooth v2.1 EDR radio. The Wi-Fi certified 802.11 radio enables fast and secure voice communications or end-of-day synchronization with your enterprise network. The small and lightweight Intermec CN50 makes use of industry-leading cell phone technology to bridge the gap between a mobile computer and a traditional cell phone. You get high-quality voice communications without the need to deploy and maintaining a separate device, which ultimately saves your company money.

Nothing was left out in the design of Intermec CN50 mobile computers. Other valuable features include high performance 3 MP color camera with auto-focus and flash, a dedicated 1 MP area imager for responsive 1D and 2D barcode reading, and full-page document imaging.

The industry standard platform in the Intermec CN50 includes Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 that enables the device to integrate quickly and easily with existing systems and provides familiar operation for end users. With Windows Mobile 6.1, you get integrated support for Systems Center Mobile Device Manager (SCMDM). Your IT managers will have the capability to securely provision, configure and deploy application software, device settings and policies for populations of Intermec CN50 handheld computers from the convenience of their management consoles.

For developers, the Intermec CN50 offers access to a comprehensive software toolkit through the Intermec Developer Library. Your developers will be able to shorten time to deployment while greatly simplifying application development.

Intermec SmartSystems software helps to keep your Intermec CN50 functioning at peak efficiency. You'll be able to simplify remote device management and apply periodic system and software updates and configuration changes, all of which can keep on-going system maintenance costs low.

The Intermec CN50 mobile computer is specifically designed for on-the-go field mobility customer service operations that require faster completion. Intermec CN50 mobile computers combine robust application processing, automated barcode data and document capture, digital camera functionality, and 3G wireless WAN voice and data communication in a single device. This rugged yet compact package will help you achieve better customer service and bottom line results, now and in the future.


  • The industry's most advanced rugged mobile computer
  • High performance communication and computing in a small and lightweight ruggedized design that is optimized for highly mobile field workers
  • 3.75G wireless WAN technology supports both voice and high-speed uplink and downlink data exchange to help improve worker productivity
  • Flexible Network radio lets you deploy a single hardware solution on the wireless network that offers the best geographic coverage and lowest cost
  • Enhanced Mobile Document Imaging option enables users to capture high quality full-page document images while on their route to help streamline back office operations and improve cash flow
  • Integrated digital compass and GPS radio provides instantaneous and real-time directional information to improve navigation for both pedestrian and vehicle-based applications
  • Built-in accelerometer senses position of the device to trigger display rotation
  • Standard features include both a high performance 3 MP color camera and a 1 MP area imager for responsive 1D and 2D barcode reading, and full-page document imaging
  • Bluetooth v2.1 EDR radio provides secure wireless connectivity to headsets, mobile printers and other Bluetooth compatible devices for simple and convenient connectivity
  • Wi-Fi certified 802.11 radio enables fast and secure voice communications or end-of-day synchronization with your enterprise network
  • Integrated cell phone provides high quality voice communications eliminating the need to carry a separate device
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system promotes ease of integration and intuitive use by developers and users
  • Available in QWERTY or numeric keyboards
  • Medallion Complete service provides protection against unbudgeted and rising repair cost

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