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Zebra Symbol Batteries

Motorola-Symbol batteries for your mobile computers, barcode scanners, and more. Motorola (Symbol) batteries include the following:.

  • Motorola-Symbol MC50 Batteries
  • Motorola-Symbol PDT31XX Batteries
  • Motorola-Symbol PDT33XX Batteries
  • Motorola-Symbol PDT61XX Batteries
  • Motorola-Symbol PDT6846 Batteries
  • Motorola-Symbol PDT68XX Batteries
  • Motorola-Symbol PDT/PPT/SPT Batteries
  • Motorola-Symbol Phaser Batteries

All Products are NEW, factory sealed and come with the FULL manufacturer's warranty (unless otherwise specified).

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MC50 Batteries (Back To Top)
SWP Zebra (Motorola Symbol) MC50 Batteries Picture

Device: Motorola MC50 Series

OEM Part Number: SYM-50i

Device: Motorola MC50 Series Extended

OEM Part Number: SYM-50Ei

From $119.94
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PDT31XX Batteries (Back To Top)
Zebra PDT31x0 Batteries Picture

Original PDT3100 batteries for Motorola-Symbol PDT3100 mobile computers

SWP Symbol PDT3100 Replacement Batteries Picture

Device: Symbol PDT3100, PDT3110, PDT3120 Series

OEM Part Number: SYM-3100M

From $158.44
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PDT33XX Batteries (Back To Top)
SWP Symbol PDT3300 Replacement Batteries Picture

Model: PDT3300

OEM Part Number: 50-14000-059

PDT61XX Batteries (Back To Top)
Zebra PDT61XX Batteries Picture

Original PDT6100 batteries for Motorola-Symbol PDT6100 mobile computers

PDT6846 Batteries (Back To Top)
Zebra PDT6846 Batteries Picture

Original PDT6846 batteries for Motorola-Symbol PDT6846 mobile computers

SWP Symbol PDT6846 Replacement Batteries Picture

Model: PDT6846

OEM Part Number: 21-54348-01, 21-40340-01

From $399.50
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PDT68XX Batteries (Back To Top)
Zebra PDT68xx Batteries Picture

Original PDT6800 batteries for Motorola-Symbol PDT6800 mobile computers

SWP Symbol PDT6800 Replacement Batteries Picture

Device: Symbol PDT6800, PDT6810, PDT6840, PDT6848 & 3800 Series

OEM Part Number: SYM-6800

From $195.00
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Phaser Batteries (Back To Top)
Zebra Phaser Batteries Picture

Original Phaser batteries for Motorola-Symbol Phaser barcode scanners

MC3000 Batteries (Back To Top)
Zebra MC3000 Batteries and Battery Doors Picture

Genuine Zebra MC3000 series of mobile computers Batteries and Battery Doors

From $11.22
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SWP Zebra (Motorola Symbol) MC3000 Batteries Picture

Device: Motorola MC3000 Laser, MC3090 Series

OEM Part Number: SYM-3000i

From $399.50
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MC9000 Batteries (Back To Top)
Zebra MC9000 Batteries and Battery Doors Picture

Genuine Zebra MC9000 series of mobile computers Batteries and Battery Doors

From $443.91
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PDT75XX Batteries (Back To Top)
Zebra PDT75x0 Batteries Picture

Original PDT7500 batteries for Motorola-Symbol PDT7500 mobile computers

WSS Batteries (Back To Top)
Zebra WSS Wearable Scanner Batteries Picture

Original WSS batteries for Motorola-Symbol WSS wearable barcode scanners

SWP Zebra (Motorola Symbol) WSS10XX Batteries Picture

Model: WSS1000, WSS1040, WSS1060

OEM Part Number: 20-16228-07, 20-16228-09

From $243.75
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