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Loftware Connector

Product Overview
The Loftware Connector® establishes a high-speed 'connectivity bridge' between enterprise applications and the Loftware Print Server (LPS). The combination of Loftware Connector and Loftware Print Server enables enterprise applications to generate barcode and RFID smart labels across large networks of thermal-transfer printers and empowers companies to comply with current and future barcode label and RFID technology specifications regardless of their label production volumes.

Effortless Integration
The Loftware Connector is easy to integrate into your existing environment with very few modifications to host applications. In fact, no custom programming is required to use the Loftware Connector with either the Oracle Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) or the Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA) applications. Minimal effort is required to integrate the Loftware Connector with SAP and other third-party software packages and/or internally-developed applications. These applications can make print requests independent of printer languages and compliance mandates. They need only specify the label format, (barcode label, RFID smart label, etc.), the associated label data, and the target printer. The Loftware Connector along with the Loftware Print Server performs the 'heavy lifting' of translating the print request into specific device languages and carrying out the barcode label or RFID smart label printing process.

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Loftware Connector is Java-based software application that acts as a high speed connectivity bridge' between your UNIX based applications and the Loftware Print Server. Intelligent data filtering and decision making tools can be harnessed to abstract the complexities of high volume RFID or barcode label printing from your application. The connector is typically used in larger, high volume barcode systems or RFID software applications, which makes it an excellent choice for ERP and WMS solutions

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