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Loftware Software Packages

If you can't print labels, you can't ship. If you can't ship, your business is on hold until you can. That hits the bottom line immediately. From the 'last mile' of integration in your global supply chain of warehouses and distribution centers to the scalable, flexible solutions necessary to react and be agile in today's business environment, Loftware has the solutions for you to identify, create, manage and automate your labeling.

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Loftware Connector (Back To Top)
Loftware Connector Software Picture

Loftware Connector is Java-based software application that acts as a high speed connectivity bridge' between your UNIX based applications and the Loftware Print Server. Intelligent data filtering and decision making tools can be harnessed to abstract the complexities of high volume RFID or barcode label printing from your application. The connector is typically used in larger, high volume barcode systems or RFID software applications, which makes it an excellent choice for ERP and WMS solutions

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Loftware Label Manager (Back To Top)
Loftware Label Manager Software Picture

Loftware Label Manager is a barcode printing software application that allows you to design and print barcode labels in a 'stand alone' environment that does not require integration into larger business systems. Print on up to four thermal transfer or Windows based printers from our 'On Demand Print' module

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Loftware Printer Server (Back To Top)
Loftware Print Server Software Picture

Loftware Print Server is a server based barcode and RFID software solution for managing and processing label and RFID requests from corporate applications. This enterprise-class solution is a highly scalable and fault tolerant system that is designed to handle thousands of requests targeted to hundreds (or thousands) of printers with all of the appropriate queuing, status, and recovery features that are needed in such a system

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