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Pre-Printed and Custom Barcode Labels

In addition to providing our customers with a full-line of stock thermal labels, we can provide custom labels to satisfy even the most stringent material and adhesive requirements. There are many reasons that you may need to use a custom label or preprinted label including:.

Pre-Printed Labels, Custom Labels

Size and Shape: You can create almost any size or shape for your needs including square, rectangle, circle, and oval shapes.

Material: You can have your custom label produced on direct thermal paper, thermal transfer paper, or most any film stocks including polyester, polypropylene, mylar, retro-reflective, vinyl sheeting, destructible, or holographic; tag materials including both film and paper.

Adhesives: You can select from a range of adhesives including permanent and removable, as well as patterned or tamper-evident. We can help recommend an adhesive that will work with your face stock, in your environment, on your labeling surface.

Colors and Finishing: You can choose to use a single color (floodcoat) or multiple colors for your custom labels and tags. You can print using holographic inks; UV sensitive inks and Thermochromatic inks which change color (appear or disappear) when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. You can laminate or UV Varnish your label to protect it.

Pre-Printed Variable Information: You can add pre-printed numbering (random or sequential) for asset tags or other applications.


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