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Unitech Barcode Scanners

Keeping accurate track of your sales and inventory is one of the keys to retail success. Unitech POS keyboards and scanners make you look great while keeping your customers happy.

All Products are NEW, factory sealed and come with the FULL manufacturer's warranty (unless otherwise specified).

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Unitech AS10 Barcode Scanners Picture

Ideal for retail, medical, library, and light industrial applications

From $32.10
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Unitech MS100U Barcode Scanners Picture

  • Pen scanner
  • Contact scanning
  • Scans 4"-24" per second
  • Wide read angle
  • Low power consumption
  • Advanced data editing
  • 5' drop threshold

From $38.52
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Unitech MS120 Barcode Scanners Picture

  • Pen scanner
  • Contact scanning
  • Scans 2"-78" per second
  • Wide read angle
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to use

From $53.93
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Unitech MS146 Barcode Scanners Picture

  • Slot scanner
  • Reads 1D bar codes
  • Scans 2"-20" per second
  • Reads visible and laminated bar code labels
  • Easy-to-use, mounting
  • Advanced Data Editing

From $57.79
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Unitech MS250 Barcode Scanners Picture

The MS250 contact scanner is a great fit for a variety of retail and business environments. Its easy plug-and-play set up ensures an easy introduction into your unique workflow

From $35.96
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Unitech MS320 Barcode Scanners Picture

The MS320 barcode scanner is an easy device to integrate into your workspace. Affordable, simple to use, and effective in a variety of spaces

From $77.05
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Unitech MS380 Linear Imager Scanners Picture

  • CCD Scan Engine
  • Supports USB HID Interface
  • Supports GS1 Codes
  • Rotatable external cradle antenna
  • 4 foot drop survival

Unitech MS842e Imager Scanners Picture

The MS842e is an efficient and powerful way to capture 2D barcodes at any budget

From $175.20
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Unitech MS842eH Imager Scanners Picture

The MS842eH is a powerful healthcare 2D Barcode Scanner born ready to streamline point-of-care, inventory management, and pharmaceutical applications

From $250.28
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Unitech MS842P Barcode Scanners Picture

MS842P, the easy 2D wireless barcode scanner. Capture all major 1D and 2D barcodes with the MS842P cordless imager up to 33 feet away from your computer

From $344.74
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Unitech MS837 Laser Barcode Scanners Picture

The MS837 laser barcode scanner offers easy and reliable performance, perfectly suited for anyone that's looking for simply the basics in laser scanning

From $96.30
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Unitech MS840 Laser Barcode Scanners Picture

The MS840 laser barcode scanner is a trusted and proven data collection tool. Our powerful Mantis decoder ensures a top-of-the-line laser scanning experience

From $63.36
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Unitech MS840B Bluetooth Laser Barcode Scanners Picture

The MS840B rugged Bluetooth barcode scanner is a premier wireless barcode scanner ready to be deployed in the most challenging of work environments

From $347.34
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Unitech MS840P Laser Barcode Scanners Picture

The MS840P offers the freedom and flexibility of wireless barcode scanners at a fraction of the price of Bluetooth

From $211.14
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Unitech MS910 Bluetooth Pocket Scanners Picture

The MS910 is the most convenient and easy-to-use wireless Bluetooth scanner for applications both inside and outside the four-walls