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Wireless Data Technologies 101
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    (General Packet Radio Service).

    GPRS is a packet-switched service that allows data communications to be sent and received over the existing Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications network. This allows the user of a computing device with a GPRS modem to connect to the Internet and exchange data with servers and web sites for mobile access to e-mail, corporate databases, and browsing the web. With GPRS, the user will experience data rates significantly faster than a GSM circuit switched data connection. The initial user experience is expected to have a peak data rate of 53.6kbps for downloading data.

    The GSM network, upon which GPRS is built, has more coverage than any other cellular technology.

    GPRS data transmission is analogous to a jigsaw puzzle. On the mobile device, Internet (TCP/IP) data is broken down into small pieces. When the data is ready to be sent, the network assigns timeslots on a channel for the transmission. From the mobile device, the pieces are then sent over the air to the cellular base-station, reassembled into TCP/IP data, and then passed to the Internet for transport to the destination.

    A GSM channel contains eight timeslots, normally each timeslot is dedicated to one circuit switched call. For GPRS the timeslots are assigned on an as needed basis, and more than one timeslot can be assigned for a particular transmission depending on the network and the device. By using multiple time slots a user will experience data rates that would not be possible with a GSM circuit switched connection. The resulting baud rate is


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