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Wireless Networking

Wireless Network/Wireless Networking, allows devices to communicate without the use of messy wires. There are different components that are able to help in creating a wireless network or wireless networking environment, including, but not limited to, access points, access ports, wireless antennas, wireless switches, wireless bridges, wireless LAN controllers, power over ethernet midspans, and more.

  • Access Points: Access points are devices that allow other devices that have wireless communication capabilities to connect to a wireless network.
  • Access Ports:Access ports work with access points in order to assist in executing and enforcing security policies or being used as a type of sensor with a wireless switch system.
  • Antennas:Antennas to add onto your WLAN hardware or WLAN applications to maintain wireless connection
  • Wireless Switches:Wireless switches are at the core of all networks, providing high-speed connectivity, applications, and communications systems.
  • Wireless Bridges:Wireless bridges are used to connect two or more network segments (LANs or parts of a LAN) which are physically and logically (by protocol) separated.
  • Wireless LAN Controllers:Wireless LAN Controllers are able to securely manage WLANs and mobility services, as well as provice enhanced security
  • Power Over Ethernet Midspans:Power over Ethernet (POE) Midspans transmit power through ethernet cables.

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